BCASH Escrow Service

BCASH Escrow can be used for various transactions including real estate, auto, gold, art, declared bank transfers and online purchases

BCASH Privacy

- 100% Privacy
- Short KYC

BCASH Highlight

We offer physical plastic Prepaid Visa Cards that allow you to pay for goods and services anonymously online as well as offline.


Crypto is full of possibilities!

BCASH is an escrow application that allows you to buy goods or services with cryptocurrencies in a secure environment. Thanks to our escrow service, you can always be sure of the transaction's validity and security. BCASH is an escrow tool for crypto-to-fiat payments implemented on Ethereum and BSC. It acts as a centralized third party that is able to value crypto assets and transfer them via bank wire. This is achieved by valuing the crypto assets in the escrow wallet, thus representing a fiat value. The payout tool of this protocol is of particular importance to place your crypto assets anonymously and with the necessary security in the real world. The next house, transfers with explanation or the dream car - with BCASH you can shop without worries.

BCASH Applications

Safe & Easy using the BCASH Escrow


Watches, works of art, jewellery


Cars, motorcycles, boats and more

Real Estate

Luxury Homes,Apartments, holiday homes and more

BCASH Highlight

Personal Visa Card only available at BCASH

We offer physical plastic Prepaid Visa Cards that allow you to pay for goods and services anonymously online and offline.

The true game changer

BCASH has the Main Card Account and is therefore legitimate. All applicants for a Visa card receive a SUB-ACCOUNT so that a new Legitimation is NOT necessary.

Worldwide Payment

Convert your Native REWARD balance into a BCASH prepaid virtual credit card, which you can use to anonymously pay for goods and services online.

Order your Visa Card now!

BCASH NFT's and Staking


- Cost 80$
- 1% Daily Return

- Cost 250$
- 3% Daily Return

- Cost 500$
- 5% Daily Return

BCASH Tokenomics

Token Distribution

Tax Distribution

How it Goes

BCASH Road Map

  • Stage 1

    Idea Generation

    - Recruitment Core Team
    - Delivery/BSC Contract Review
    - Marketing & Development
    - BCASH Whitepaper

  • Stage 2

    Concept Making

    - Partnerships
    - Social Media Marketing
    - Homepage Completion

  • Stage 3


    - BCASH Launch PCS
    - Community Contests
    - Audit

  • Stage 4

    Listing Phase

    - Listing on CMC & CG
    - Listing on Bitmart/LBank
    - Legal Firm based in UK
    - Launch Token Staking

  • Stage 5

    Delivery Phase

    - NFT's & Staking
    - Release DAPP
    - Launch ESCROW Service
    - Launch Visa Card